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<p>***Update 2016-Jan-28 - A few customers asked about the 3000mah battery mod. We finally made some time and got it working. See updated pics below.** </p> <p>For those looking to have us do the qi wireless mod, go here: [Nexus 5x Mod Service](<a href=""></a>)</p> <p>We just did a quick teardown of the Google Nexus 5X after only receiving it a few hours. The phone definitely does feel very similar to the Nexus 5 having that it was also created by LG. The cover on this thing was pretty easy to take apart by gliding a plastic pick along the edges of the screen. Once that's out everything else seems pretty straight forward in taking about. No worries of hidden wires!</p>
<p>What causes the BLOD (Blue/Blinking Light of Death) for the Playstation 4? The problem stems from the APU chip which is a CPU + a GPU merged into one. It seems that this APU or GPU portion of the chip gets very hot during extensive gameplay as you would suspect with the graphics output on the PS4. This is the same issue with the Playstation 3's YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) as it was the result of the GPU overheating to the point where the solder underneath gets disconnected from the PS3 board. What are some temporary fixes you can do at home, you ask? Usually people heat up their motherboard's with a heat gun to re-adhere the chip back to the board, but that poses a few issues as the heat is inconsistent since you’re holding it with your hand and it’s a primitive type of repair.
playsatation ps4 hdmi repair

We've been getting many PS4's coming in with broken HDMI ports and I highly doubt its an "isolated incident" as mentioned by Mr.Yoshida (Sony President). 

I mean what else are they going to say? "Yes, we're sorry, but we used cheap parts on these HDMI components and didn't do enough testing." It would be silly for them to admit to this problem with the 1st generation Playstation 4's. Best approach would be to ignore it as much as possible and it will go away by itself.

If you just want it get it fixed, go here: PS4 HDMI Repair + $50 rebate

iphone 6 plus wholesale bulk worldwide shipping
<p>We all know with the iPhone 6 craze comes a buying spree for Apple's latest product, but the problem is people from other countries wouldn't be able to purchase them until much later on. Seeing that we can get a hold of inventory, we come to the problem of shipping it to these much needed 3rd world countries that no seller wants to deal with. This is where were going to leverage Bitcoin as a payment system to make this possible. Now we don't have to worry about third world countries scamming US sellers if they paid in Bitcoin. Since Bitcoin is a one way trasaction, we don't have to worry about stolen credit cards and having that we are a reputable seller in the US. Its a win-win scenario for legit buyers and sellers on a global scale. </p> <p>I think we're one of the only few that are even doing something like this. We can do bulk wholesale and other distribution if needed. Of course, we'll only take Bitcoin!</p>
<p>It's been a long 5+ years in the repair business and we've finally decided to branch off that aspect into its own website (<a href=""></a>). We decided to keep the same logo and slowly transition that off into something else overtime. Right now we're working on the logistics of routing all the indexed pages from the old site into the new site without breaking all the links. </p> <p>It is quite misleading when we specialize in game console repairs that our domain name is **phonerepair**, but in the long run I can forsee we'll be fixing alot more mobile phones than game consoles. Rest assured we'll still be targeting game system repairs.</p>