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How to fix your PS4 Blue/Blinking Light of Death Temporarily?

What causes the BLOD (Blue/Blinking Light of Death) for the Playstation 4? The problem stems from the APU chip which is a CPU + a GPU merged into one. It seems that this APU or GPU portion of the chip gets very hot during extensive gameplay as you would suspect with the graphics output on the PS4. This is the same issue with the Playstation 3's YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) as it was the result of the GPU overheating to the point where the solder underneath gets disconnected from the PS3 board. What are some temporary fixes you can do at home, you ask? Usually people heat up their motherboard's with a heat gun to re-adhere the chip back to the board, but that poses a few issues as the heat is inconsistent since you’re holding it with your hand and it’s a primitive type of repair. Most professional repair shops have a dark infrared heater with controlled temperatures to do this type of process called the *reflow.* For more info on reflow vs reball, check out:

Here are some quick fixes for people at home. These are temporary fixes but it works to a point:

- **Applying Pressure:** There were a few PS4 systems where if you applied enough pressure to the top of the heatsink the system would turn on. The heat sink location is towards the top of the fan if you have the bottom cover open. If you can't get it open you can try pressing HARD on the middle left section on the BOTTOM of the system. You'll have to flip the console upside down of course.

- **Hair Dryer:** Not recommended, but if you don't have cash to blow on a repair this would be your best bet for the time being. This is assuming you don't overheat and MELT your board and chip. You'll have to disassemble the PS4 system to its bare board and apply the hair dryer to the APU chip in a circular motion to the point where its *very hot to the touch.*

If the above options doesn’t appeal to you and you'd rather pay for a repair, please feel free to pay us a visit. We usually throw in crazy deals for those reading these long ranting posts. If you’re able to remove just the PS4 motherboard yourself and bring or send in the board to us, we'll run it through our professional reflow machine for $35 (if you’re shipping it to us - shipping is additional)! Keep in mind there will be no warranty given for this type of repair. So far my success rate is 9 out of 10, sometimes certain system just can't be fixed and there is nothing we can do about it if that is the case. We also offer our standard repair with a 90 day warranty - for more info:

We've had incidents of girlfriends throwing out their boyfriends PS4 out the window and it results in a BLOD, those are going to be hard to repair as it doesnt necessarily mean it was the APU chip that is malfunctioning!

If you’re wondering about reballing, forget about it. Most places fake it and only give you a reflow.