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PS4 Repair Analysis: Playstation 4 HDMI Replacement

playsatation ps4 hdmi repair

We've been getting many PS4's coming in with broken HDMI ports and I highly doubt its an "isolated incident" as mentioned by Mr.Yoshida (Sony President). 

I mean what else are they going to say? "Yes, we're sorry, but we used cheap parts on these HDMI components and didn't do enough testing." It would be silly for them to admit to this problem with the 1st generation Playstation 4's. Best approach would be to ignore it as much as possible and it will go away by itself.

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From the incidents we've been seeing, its mostly:

  • PS4 hdmi pins getting bent from plugging it in and out.
  • Cracked or chipped hdmi ports.
  • Solder holding down the port gets lifted due to pressure on the cable.

Most of the issues seem to be the pins getting bent as the frame holding these pins aren't holding them down enough. Its most likely due to Sony picking a bad part manufacturer for these ports. This is why we always advocate on waiting out on the initial batch of systems. The ports breaking on these PS4's are definitely more compared to the PS3 systems from what we are seeing so far. So it is indeed not just a small isolated incident.

Now as for the PS4 HDMI repair process, it was definitely a much trickier fix than doing a ps3 hdmi port. The PS3 systems has all of the pins and legs being held down on one side of the board. As for the PS4, you had the pins of the HDMI connector on one side and the legs held down on the other side. It wouldn't have been possible to heat just one side and pull off the PS4 HDMI component as the PCB board itself was absorbing all of the heat from one side. Below are some of the repair methods you might see people do: 

  • Use 2 heat guns, but you'll need 3 hands. Also you'd have to becareful of not melting off other small chips around it. Wouldn't recommend doing this, as its mostly for those on a super tight budget and resorting to primitive tools. Yes, a heat gun repair is a primitive repair tool.
  • Hot Air Station is another repair method, but that too is also still tricky as all the heat is generated on one side of the PS4 board only.
  • Removing pins from the board first with an exacto knife. Then use a hot air station to remove the PS4 HDMI legs.

I've been noticing many youtube videos online is showing people using a heat gun or just a hot air station to remove the HDMI ports, but that can easily tear out the hdmi pins if its not soldered off of the board first. No one shows the knifing process as I'm totally unsure how the hell are other people pulling out those ports without tearing the PS4 HDMI pads. Either way, the way we're doing it is by desoldering off the pins then the entire HDMI port itself.

Tools we used in this repair process were the following: JBC soldering iron / Amscope Microscope / Edsyn ZD500DX Desoldering 

If you read this far into the PS4 HDMI repair analysis, I'm willing to offer up a new service for those that know how to take apart your own system. If you can extract your PS4 motherboard and send it to me for a PS4 HDMI repair, I'll just charge you $80 for my services. I normally charge $150 for the PS4 repair. Yes its more expensive than your craigslist / ebay sellers, but you do get what you pay for. **Also note, this will not come with a warranty since its a discounted price.**