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Address: 40 Wall St. Suite #2935, NYC (Map)

2DS / 3DS / XL Controller Mod - Gamecube / SNES / Wii

<p>**FYI: This is NOT for the NEW 3DS systems. That version is still being developed.**</p> <p>**PROMO REBATE** $50 off of the mod service. More details: <a href=""></a></p> <p>**As requested, we have pre-modded systems packages for sale. Keep in mind cable adapters need to be purchased separately!**</p> <p>We are providing 2DS/3DS/XL controller modding service developed by Loopy. Now it's possible to use a Gamecube / SNES / Wii controller on your 3DS system. This is **only a service** as you will have to send in or bring your system to our shop for this service. Turn around time will be 7-14 days as these are made to order.</p> <p>This mod includes the Gamecube adapter only. If you need other adapters, you will have to purchase them separately. </p> <p>*If your looking to just purchase the full system with the mod pre-installed, we have that too. It will be a used or refurbished system. Since there are many colors for the 3DS, please email us to inquire about this as it will have to be made to order.*</p> <p>All mods come with a 90 day warranty on the mod itself only.</p> <p>This is what's involved in doing this tedious mod, for those that think it's a simple task:</p> <p>- Disassembling the mobo carefully without ripping cables<br /> - Solder and splicing 18 wires and keeping track of them<br /> - Carving a whole in the bottom &amp; top case to fit the mod chip<br /> - Gluing the mod chip so it sits in place properly<br /> - Splicing the controller extension cords and soldering it to the connector<br /> - Heat shrink wire wrap the extension cord</p> <p>**ORDER PROCESS**<br /> 1. Place the modding order.<br /> 2. Send your system to: xCubicle -- 25 Essex Street, New York NY 10002<br /> 3. Please remove any game cartridge and SD cards before mailing the system. We will not be responsible if they are missing during the servicing of your system. Thanks for your understanding.</p> <p>--------------------------------------------</p>

User Reviews

<p>I brought them my Xbox 360 which had the e74 red ring error and they where able to bring it back to life again it was a great price and good service.</p>
Matthew G.
5/5 Stars
<p>Really good store for iPhone troubles.... :) Saved my iPhone :)</p>
Hemang P.
5/5 Stars
<p>definitely 5 stars and im not a troll im a real person i paid them a visit because my call of duty game was scratched up bad and everytime i played the game it either freezes or everything comes out chrome like. anyway i bought it there and i waited like 5 mins and whalaaa it looked brand new... came home after a few weeks got scratched up again took it back and again whalaaa fixed ... most def recommend this place for game repairs and everything else im pretty sure theyll fix it</p>
Charles S.
5/5 Stars