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Nintendo 3DS XL Repair (2012-2014 Model)

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Go here if your looking to repair the New 3DS XL - 2015 instead.

Live in New York City? You can drop it off at our shop in Manhattan.

We also have a mail in option, but we understand that mailing in a repair can be hassle. So, we have come up with 2 options to get your device fixed by mailing it in:

Option #1: Process the order by selecting the issue your having and pay for the repair first and mail it in.

Option #2: Skip the checkout process and just send your device to our address. Just make sure to email us your tracking number! We will diagnose the issue and call you to let you know how much is the repair before proceeding.

Please Note: Please include your name + phone number + email written on a piece of paper and include it in your package. No need to print anything out. We're saving trees and your time!

Customers are responsible for packaging and shipping the system to us. Click here for our mailing address or call us for help.

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User Reviews

Xcubicle Game system repairs brought my ps3 back to life after the the dreaded 3 beeps of death hit my system. I recommend for all your game system repairs.

Mel S.
5/5 Stars

"I love this place. We've gone to them twice, once for a broken DS and once for a broken Xbox360. They fixed the broken DS in a matter of hours (display needed to be replaced) and on the Xbox 360 I needed a new power supply, which they sold me for $30.

I think they're honest, brilliant, and reliable."

Liz M.
5/5 Stars

Super great experience! My appointment was at 5:30pm and I showed up a little early. They checked my phone and identified the issue right away. Phone was fixed in 10 min and I was on my way. Highly recommended!

Joshua D.
5/5 Stars

3DS - Recent Comments

Jamie Wallace - Whenever I try turning on my 3DS, the blue power light comes on but the screen stays blank then a few seconds later there is a strange popping sound from the speakers and the console turns itself off. This happens constantly and I haven't been able to get it working since, would this problem be something that is repairable?
Amanda - The outter case of my 3ds is cracked (around the camera lens) I am located in covington la 70433., How would i go about getting it shipped there to be fixed and how much would it cost?
Krystian - Fire Emblem Awakening 3DS. The power turns on but the screen remain black. It charges and the screen turns out, but i believe it may have been related to it turning off during an update sequence. I would just like to know what the pricing of a repair like that would be and if it'd be easier just sending it into nintendo themselves.
Ivan Mino - I have a 3DS XL and while I was taking a vacation I dropped it and now my top screen is cracked and all black. My bottom screen still works and I can still turn it on normally.
Ricardo Flores - I have the 2013 Pokemon X and Y special edition 3DS XL(Red) At some point I believe the upper screen cracked...unfortunately I took pretty poor care of it after that, left it in my bag to be tossed and carried around without ever really using it. Now I plug it in and the system won't even power up. I wish I could describe better what was wrong with it but because I neglected it for so long this is really all the info I have. I think even at $125 it would be cheaper to repair then to buy a new one so I was hoping you could all help me out here. Let me know if you can fix it and how much it might cost and all that. I can be in New York in a half hour from where I live so a walk in is no problem at all. Thank you for your time. Please save my system. lol